Building Deb package

In you build directory: ~/build/[Project] Directory structure: ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1 ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/DEBIAN ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/usr/local/bin/ ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/etc/sudoers.d/ ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/usr/local/man Add the files you need The deb-build file ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/DEBIAN/control Package: PROJECTVersion: 1.0-1Section: utilsPriority: optionalArchitecture: amd64Depends: libc6 (>= 2.15), libext2fs2 (>= 1.37)Suggests: Recommends:Provides: Maintainer: Thor Grotle thor@itso.dkDescription: Descriptions of project Build deb file with the command: dpkg-deb –build ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1

PipeWire on Ubuntu, PopOS, ElementaryOS 6

What is is PipeWire, and what can it do for me? PipeWire is a new multimedia framework that aims for a better audio/video management in Linux. This can be compared to how audio/video devices and multimedia files and devices is handled in MacOS, as this just works, and is stable. So what can it do …

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