Building Deb package

In you build directory: ~/build/[Project] Directory structure: ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1 ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/DEBIAN ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/usr/local/bin/ ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/etc/sudoers.d/ ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/usr/local/man Add the files you need The deb-build file ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1/DEBIAN/control Package: PROJECTVersion: 1.0-1Section: utilsPriority: optionalArchitecture: amd64Depends: libc6 (>= 2.15), libext2fs2 (>= 1.37)Suggests: Recommends:Provides: Maintainer: Thor Grotle thor@itso.dkDescription: Descriptions of project Build deb file with the command: dpkg-deb –build ~/build/PROJECT_1.0-1

PipeWire on Ubuntu, PopOS, ElementaryOS 6

What is is PipeWire, and what can it do for me? PipeWire is a new multimedia framework that aims for a better audio/video management in Linux. This can be compared to how audio/video devices and multimedia files and devices is handled in MacOS, as this just works, and is stable. So what can it do …

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RTL8188EU Usb dongle and Fedora

The realtec RTL8188EU dongle does not work out of the box on Fedora 23. This guide help you compile the driver from source, or just download and install my compiled version. Ubuntu guide here Github source code (lwfinger)     Compiling and installing the driver the lwfinger provided on github sudo dnf groupinstall “Development Tools” …

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Fedora 24 – 64bit Install guide (updated)

Review: Two weeks into the install of the laptop, everything runs fast and stable. On my home rig, I chose to encrypt whole partition, this is annoying  so  I will do  a reinstall later on.   I have run on/off Linux for the last 5-8 years, but only as my main OS for the last …

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Encrypt home dir with ecryptfs on Fedora

It is pretty easy to access your unencrypted data, if someone have physical access to your computer. That is where ecryptfs encryption comes in. It will make sure your laptop, if lost or otherwise accessed by unauthorised user, is harder to extract data from. When encrypted,data cannot be accessed unless user has entered proper login …

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