Arch Linux and airplay


When running Arch Linux it is fairly easy to get Airplay audio ability to work, there are a quiete a few steps however.
There might be some intermittent dropout and sometimes the audio is out of sync when using streaming til multiple devices.

base-devel installed for compiling
A newly compiled version of pulseaudio-raop2 installed from AUR
Avahi with nss-mdns installed
Pulseaudio Preferrenecs installed
Suggested if running Gnome: Audio output switcher


Now to the install guide:

Install base-devel for correct compiling

pacman -S base-devel
It is recommenden to have a ~/build directory made
mkdir ~/build


Download and compile pulseaudio-raop2 by hfujita

cd ~/build
wget pulseaudio-raop2.tar.gz
tar -xvf pulseaudio-raop2.tar.gz
cd pulseaudio-raop2
makepkg -si


Install Avahi and nss-mdns:

sudo pacman -S avahi nss-mdns
sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon.service
sudo enable avahi-daemon.service


Installing pulseaudio Preferences

sudo pacman -S paprefs


Start pulseaudio preferences and enable airplay:




Now switch from Gnome Audio plugin;

audio switcher


Or switch from Setting-> Audio: